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BuffEnuff® Rescues Painful Feet

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We ask our feet to do  a lot for us! Walk, run, hold us up and endure hours of punishing and repetative blows everyday. The human foot is a remarkable design and capable of providing explosive responsive movements and cushioning thousands of pounds of force. However, the stress placed on feet do take a toll and ultimately can lead to arthritic joints, chronic inflammation, and in some cases lead to disability. 

Solutions for foot pain are numersous including orthotics, special shoes, cushions, ointments, medications, therapy, ice, heat, vibrating massage platforms, and reflexology. However, many people still find they are unable to heal their foot pain and end up living with life changing foot pain that steals their joy.  Frustrated, many people give up!

We have hope for you if you are on of these people who has foot pain regardless of the cause of the pain. Using percussion massage with the BuffEnuff® Power Massager may be the solution you have hoped for but just had not come across yet.

Percussion massage is unique because it delivers more powerful vibrations and the focus of the vibration can be applied while also actively moving the foot, exercising the muscles and helping to push painful inflammatory fluid away. Using Hinging® technique, flexing and extending the toes and also the calf, you can create a more dynamic way to exercise your foot and help it heal. Every condition has some capacity to heal but often people quit because they get frustrated with the results and for good reason, many treatment methods are ineffective.

Here is a starting protocol you can use daily to help heal foot pain. When doing BuffEnuff® care, always wear clean socks.

1) Start by standing and placing the BuffEnuff® on top of your foot applying downward pressure pushing into the floor.  This is called Grounding® the foot. Both feet can be done at the same time as well.  Do this for 30 sec- 1 min.

2) Sit down and use the BuffEnuff® on the bottom of the feet making sweeping movements back and forth with the Edge® or Tilt® contact.  This is called Clearing® and it feels wonderful. Move the toes back and forth, Hinging® them and the foot. Do this for 30 sec -  1minute.

3) Place the BuffEnuff® on top of a pillow and then gently run your foot over the edge of the BuffEnuff® back and forth while flexing and exteding your toes.  Do this for 30 sec - 1 minute. 

4) You can finish by rolling your foot over a golf ball or tennis ball and then repeat if desired. 

5) Using ice and or heat may also be helpful to improve the circulation.

6) Always seek the care of a health care professional for pain that persists and receive a proper diagnosis. 

Painful feet HURT! Some would even say HAVING FEET THAT HURT SUCKS!

Percussion Fitness wants to help you heal your painful feet and have a portable spa in your own hands. We are available to assist you with added instruction and ways you can use BuffEnuff® Power Massager.  Contact us at We are here to help and can even set up a FACE TO FACE video conference to reveiw some helpful protocol.

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