About us

Percussion Fitness® is led by dedicated leaders who understand the health and recovery needs of consumers and fitness enthusiasts as well as health professional’s healing goals for their clients. 

Led by a dynamic professional team, Percussion Fitness® is the first company to introduce a cordless percussive massager with a flat oscillating surface for expanded healing that enables you to give yourself a great therapeutic and healing massage anywhere, anytime. Further, Percussion Fitness® is dedicated to offering people around the world BuffEnuff® to self-heal and improve quality of life as part of the company mission.


Percussion Fitness - BuffEnuff Leadership Team

The Percussion Fitness® Team

Dr. Warren Bruhl          Jimmy Greninger          Jason Auersears  

Over 60 Combined Years of Expertise in Health and Fitness 

The Percussion Fitness Team

Percussion Fitness CEO Dr. Warren Bruhl

Dr. Warren Bruhl

Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience Helping Thousands Around the World

Dr. Warren Bruhl is the executive director for Dreamweaver International (501c3) and author of Wavers and Beggars, New Insight and Hope to Help the Needy of the World Become Needed. As the director of Dreamweaver, Dr. Bruhl has traveled extensively in Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Guatemala. Dr. Bruhl oversees the three areas of focus for Dreamweaver, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, AND COMPASSION WORK. Prior to leaving full-time practice to pursue his non-profit work, Dr. Bruhl had a highly successful chiropractic pediatric and family practice in Glencoe, Illinois for 25 years. Dr. Bruhl has also appeared on ABC News and made numerous television and radio appearances. Besides his recent book, Dr. Bruhl has also authored The Chiropractors Exercise Manual. Dr. Bruhl writes extensively about health, sports charity work, and other subjects. Dr. Bruhl has been married for 29 years and has three college-age children. When asked by people what do you do, Dr. Bruhl’s answer is simply, “I am a social change engineer!”

Licensed Massage Therapist Jason Auer-SearsJason Auer-Sears

Over 60,000 Hours of Powerful Healing Work and Teaching

Jason Auer-Sears has been a medical massage therapist since 2000. Known as one of the most gifted healers and therapists in the massage industry, Jason is a certified instructor for Active Isolated Stretching (kinesiotherapy). Jason is also a registered yoga teacher and has provided over 60,000 practice hours working with people from all walks of life from athletes to moms. Jason has extensive experience using and teaching percussive massage healing techniques and is the co-developer of the Healing Bridge Techniques for Percussive Massager.


Cross-Fit Coach Jimmy GreningerJimmy Greninger

Jimmy Greninger was selected in the Major League Baseball Draft by the California Angels in the 7th Round. A highly recruited division one scholarship athlete, he played football and baseball in high school before going on to earn his Psychology degree at Cal State Northridge. Jimmy’s athletic prowess also led to his selection by the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers as a wide receiver and kicker. Recurrent injuries ended his career and pursue other fitness opportunities. In 2006, Jimmy found CrossFit through his childhood friend, Jeremy Jones, founder of Diablo CrossFit and was instantly engulfed into the CF lifestyle. Jimmy embraced his love for Coaching and started Teaching CrossFit in 2006 and received his CF LV1 in 2008. Coach Jimmy became a Professional UFC MMA Trainer/Cornerman and has worked with some of the biggest Super Stars and Champions of the UFC and StrikeForce. Coach Jimmy has also prepared and trained several active Marines, NAVY SEALs, ARMY Rangers, Green Berets, Para-Jumpers and NFL players. Coach Jimmy Designed and Implemented the “DUT” Training Program that is run in all UFC Gym locations World Wide and has helped to build some of the Largest CrossFit, Fitness and Nutrition programs in California. Coach Jimmy is Founder of the multi-sponsored “UFC Competition Team” that races in EPIC Series, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, GORUK Challenges and Urban Athlon events. Jimmy was Co-Founder of the MMAJacked Training Center w UFC Legend Chuck Liddell, Jimmy is Founder of the Sterling Aviation Pilot Fitness Club, Co-Founder of The Modern Caveman Challenge and Co-Fitness Editor of the published “Caveman Diet Handbook.” Jimmy is Owner and Operator of The HANGAR/CrossFit OverWatch. His Training program is FAA approved “Fit for Flight” Ground School and Flight School for Pilots.