BuffEnuff® Percussive Massager Thermography Research

 BuffEnuff® Power Massager Thermal Imaging Study Shows Increased Circulation & Blood Flow

BuffEnuff Percussive Massager Thermo Imaging Upper Back

BuffEnuff® Power Massager Thermography Study Summary

Percussion Fitness is the leader in education and manufacturing of percussion massagers for fitness, healthcare, and the consumer markets. This study measured circulation change to regions of the body commonly treated using the BuffEnuff® Power Massager. The study was conducted at UpRight MRI in Deerfield, Illinois with a Meditherm Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging camera (DITI) www.meditherm.com. DITI provides a graphic map of body temperature called a Thermogram. It shows a spectrum of colors indicating an increase or decrease in the infrared radiation being emitted from the body surface. Higher levels of circulatory activity can be indicators of possible pathology when chronically present or may be seen following acute trauma. However, thermal asymmetry is often normal in small deviations. When increased thermal temperatures are noted after massage on tissue unaffected by pathology or acute trauma, the finding is indicative of a positive circulatory action. There is an increased blood flow to the tissue resulting from the treatment application, commonly known as “warming the tissue”. 

People using the BuffEnuff® Deep Tissue Power Massager often report feeling a warming sensation under the oscillating pad when the treatment application is held steady in one body area. Frictional movement and increased circulation between the massage head and the surface of the body generated by the 3300-rpm action of the massager cause this warming sensation. As well, sometimes a reddening of the surface of the skin is noted indicating a vasodilation effect. On rare occasions, the vasodilation may also cause brief itching. Itching also is a positive response caused by vasodilation and ceases within moments after the treatment. 

Vasodilation of tissue can be a healthy body response to invigorate soft tissue particularly prior to and after exercise. Further, many health conditions are the result of the insufficient circulation of blood and lymph. Massage has been shown to an excellent method to improve circulation. However, self-treatment massage is cumbersome and sometimes fatiguing. There are also difficulties reaching some areas of the body. As well, a partner or therapist to provide massage may not be available. Thus a reliable, fast, easy, and effective method to improve circulation is important to optimize the functional benefits derived from vasodilation of tissue. 

Study Parameters:

Subject for study – Male 20-year old healthy Division One college athlete

Pre & Post Treatment Thermograms:   a) Lumbar  b) Thoracic   c) Lower Cervical   d) Anterior shoulder   e) Posterior Shoulder   f) Quadriceps (front thigh)   g) Gastrocnemius (calf) h)Rectus Abdominus (abdominal core region)

Treatment: 3-minute BuffEnuff® Power Massager application using Wrapping®, Grounding®, Clearing®, Striping®, Hinging®, and Drumming® as required for the region receiving treatment. *Note – technique descriptions are available at www.percussionfitness.com


BuffEnuff® Thermography Study