Global Health with the BuffEnuff® Power Massager

Percussion Fitness Global Efforts with BuffEnuff Massager


Hard, punishing physical work around the world is the normal for millions around the world. Manual labor, earning a living through digging, lifting, carrying, or constructing something is the work of many people and as a result, millions suffer with painful muscles and joints. Healthcare can be limited or nearly absent in some of these places and chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and other forms of manual medicine may be non-existent or never even heard of by local residents. 

Dr. Warren Bruhl, founding owner and CEO at Percussion Fitness®, has traveled extensively around the world providing chiropractic and manual medicine to help alleviate the suffering millions of people burden. In his travels, he has discovered if a man/woman is ailing, it may preclude his/her earning capacity and may jeopardize the food security of the family and their survival. Basic needs are unmet if a man/woman cannot go to work because they suffer in pain. 

Fortunately, the BuffEnuff® Power Massager can help bring an end to this suffering and provide families and workers with a system and product that they can self-administer and improve their health outcomes, leading to escalating economic health for the community. 

Percussion Fitness® has a passion for international philanthropy and is teaming together with non-profit Dreamweaver International to donate a portion of all profits to charitable work, along with providing BuffEnuff® Power Massagers to local people along with training so they have a sustainable avenue for self-care. When people use the techniques and the BuffEnuff® Power Massager for pain relief and muscle recovery, they improve their individual, community, and ultimately global health.

Together, we can make a difference! "BE" the Change and help bring the healing to others. Purchase a BuffEnuff® massager online for yourself, gift one to a friend or family member, or join a mission trip to bring the healing to the less fortunate. 

To learn more about our Global Health projects or to volunteer on one of our health care mission programs, contact Dr. Warren Bruhl at