Healthcare Uses and Healing Stories

See what therapists have to say about BuffEnuff® Power Massager.

Listen to Eric Montes from Chicago, Illinois

Healthcare occurs in hospitals, clinics, private practices, homes, schools, gyms and the workplace. Healthcare happens within a community of people striving to thrive beyond the equilibrium. The BuffEnuff® Power Massager was designed to empower our healing goals and outcomes.

As therapists, doctors and coaches, the Percussion Fitness® Team is bringing the ultimate healing power of the percussion massager into wellness clinics, gyms, homes, hospitals, the work place and the world. We have been witness to many inspiring stories about real people who have helped themselves and others with percussive massagers, as the tool applies to just about everybody.

MANUAL THERAPISTS~ Save your hands, save time, and be effective. Massage therapists, myofascial trigger point therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors can treat the patient for only 5 minutes to see instant results.

PERSONAL TRAINERS~ A little show and tell and your clients are on their way to total muscle recovery in half the time. The BuffEnuff® Power Massager fits in the gym bag. Twice per day for 5 minutes makes muscle recovery fast, easy and pleasurable. Keep the buffer charged up in the recovery area for easy use.

HOME CARE~ Unwind and relax or create your own recovery treatment plan. Either way, having this kind of wellness power in your home will take it to the next level, not to mention the low cost investment allows you to have a BuffEnuff® with extra batteries in every room.

ALTHLETES~ Whether you are a weekend player or a professional athlete: You often need effective daily attention for sore muscles and chronic tension. Massage daily, multiple times per day and be at your best.

WORK SMART & HAPPY~ Does your job give you stress, tension and sore muscles? Consider the reality of at-work massage therapy multiple times per day! Having a tool that reduces work strains is worth its weight in gold!

You will find some of our uplifting user stories in our BLOG. Please share your stories about percussion massagers, recovery and healing HERE. We'd love to hear from you!