BuffEnuff® Fitness Performance Recovery Videos & Information

Boost Your Workout Recovery Routine with BuffEnuff® Power Massager!
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BuffEnuff® Pre-Workout Technique for Trainers to Use on Clients


Warm-up for the Core Muscles Prior to Workout


Brooke Ence Loves Using BuffEnuff® to Power Her Recovery


BuffEnuff® Power Massager Pre-Workout to Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


The BuffEnuff® percussion massager is one of the most versatile and powerful fitness recovery tools available today. Using powerful and effective percussion massage is easy and with BuffEnuff® it can be taken anywhere. Bring it along to the gym, pack it in your suitcase when you travel and enjoy the wonderful way it makes you feel before, and after exercise.


  • Cordless Power Massager = Power and Freedom

  • WOD ~ MOD  Workout Of The Day & Massage Of The Day

  • Cutting Edge Recovery Increase oxygen and decrease muscle fatigue.

  • Cut Recovery Time in Half  With daily percussive massage therapy

  • Anytime Therapy Cordless & easy to carry with you to gym and work.

  • Saves You Money Decreases chance of injury + free deep tissue massage anytime, anywhere!

A “Must Have” for the Game!