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Favorite recovery tool in my arsenal

"The BuffEnuff® Power Massager has quickly become one of my favorite tools to both prepare and recover from movement sessions. Many of my clients also use them and many have reported some pretty awesome results especially in reducing pain and increasing range of motion. I like simple and refined modalities that are effective so we can focus on dynamic movement, especially in the outdoors. The BuffEnuff® is a great tool in my arsenal!" -Skye Nacel, Movement & Mountain Bike Coach

Relief from Chronic Back Pain

"Words really do not do this fine healing tool justice. Having lived with chronic back pain for the last 10+ years, I've used so many devices with...meh..good results. However, nothing I've experienced has had the versatility of this glorious machine. On multiple occasions my practitioner was able to use the massager on my upper back where I needed deep tissue work and in the same session then move to my lower back with ease, where I'm highly sensitive to even the slightest pressure. I was and am so grateful!! I can't say enough that everyone, practitioner and client alike, should have one of these power massagers hands down...or up! You will not be disappointed. 5++++stars!" -Tiffany Marquez, Staff Member at Acupuncture For the People

Game Changer for Recovery & Injury Prevention

"As a Coach and an athlete, the BuffEnuff® power massager has been a game changer when it comes to recovery and injury prevention. I take it with me to all of my races, and use it on all of my athletes, young and old, with outstanding results. Using the BuffEnuff® in combination with foam rolling, SMR, and band work, I've been able to push my limits far beyond what they should be for my age, all the while avoiding any season ending injuries." -Greg Amorelli, Co-Founder EVOC2 OCR training

 Fantastic Tool for Personal & Professional Use

"As a professional bodyworker, I love adding the BuffEnuff to my treatments. It feels so good to my clients, I am waiting for someone to ask me to spend the entire hour going over their entire body. I can treat myself between clients too. It is wonderful to use on the legs and feet after standing all day. It A 5 minute quick treatment is quite effective to rejuvenate the body and allow me to finish my day or enjoy a walk after work. As someone who has the device, I do like the ability for me to have it while I'm camping and be able to walk around with it and use it on people randomly at an event. It doesn't weigh a lot and the batteries last a reasonable amount of time and I don't need to be able to plug it in. Most everyone wants to try it out, so it is a great way to make friends and market your business too. This is a fantastic and versatile tool for personal or professional use." -Mary Jo Smiley, CMTPT, LMT

 Go-to tool for its Versatility & Myofascial Release

“As a traveling Physical Therapist, I'm exposed to new toys left & right. I love the BuffEnuff® as my go to tool for its versatility. I use it on the majority of my patients of all demographics for a myriad of impairments-anything from gross myofascial release & cross friction massage to simply desensitizing my patients or warming up the tissue before my more aggressive manual techniques. I love it!” -Jaime Granchelli PT, DPT

 Vibration & Friction Heat Release for Tight Muscles

"As an acupuncturist who specializes in the treatment of pain, this tool is one of my favorites. It came to be my favorite after it became my go to for my own care as an athlete.The vibration and friction heat release a tight muscle in a fraction of the time it would take me on the lax ball. When I use it on patients, it is a great start to warm up the muscles, relax them and prepare the muscles for needles and makes my treatments so much more effective!" -Lisa Glasser, M.Ac., L.A.

 My Chiropractic Patients Love BuffEnuff

"I use it in my office and my patients love the product and helps me get the patient ready for adjustments. I have recommended it to a lot of people and everyone loves it. If you have in professional office i would recommend getting an extra battery and charger if you have busy practice. Works Great. Thanks!" -Tom Bryant D.C.

Increased Blood Flow for Deep Tissue Massage

As a massage therapist, I love the BuffEnuff® Power Massager! It is both relaxing to the clients and is a great tool to bring blood flow to the area and prep for deeper work. As much as I love using it on my clients, I love using it for self care! It’s my favorite tool to use on my upper traps, pecs and upper back! Thanks Percussion Fitness! - Laurie Hyland, LMT/PT Aide

Myofascial Release & Self Care

"As a chiropractor and active individual, I utilize the BuffEnuff® Power Massager on a daily basis. I really like to use it as part of my myofascial release routine for patients. I see an increased range of motion immediately when utilizing it for myofascial release. It really helps to bring blood to the underlying tissues. My patients love it. Patients buy them to take home as part of their self care routine. I have had a lot of similar tools in the past, but the portability and accessibility of this tool makes it well worth the investment. I would recommend practitioner and patient a like get one immediately to add to their self care routine." -Jacob McNair, D.C., Well Balanced

BuffEnuff is my new best friend for foot pain, shoulder, & back pain!

I have a new best friend and it’s the BuffEnuff Cordless Power Massager! This massager is the best thing that has come into my home in a long time. Talk about something that feels wonderful...this is it. I turned it on and was hooked. I have to take turns with my family because they both love it as much as I do. I offered to pay my husband earlier today if he would just massage my back for me!  

 We moved this past weekend and were exhausted. My husband had the worst shoulder and back pain and he’s been using the BuffEnuff and says it’s helping so much. I’ve been having trouble with my foot. It swells and hurts when I stand on it for long periods of time… I’ve been using it on my sore foot and it really helps!

The BuffEnuff will be used on a regular basis in our home. We have plenty of aches and pains that it is taking care of. - Mommy’s Block Party Blog

8 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lover in Your Life

I love handheld massagers. But that’s like saying, I love sunsets. Really?  Who doesn’t. Giving this as a gift says, “I know you workout hard for that bod and I’m here to help you soothe those sore, overworked muscles.” Check out the BuffEnuff®. It’s a powerful, cordless, percussion healing massager that uses percussive oscillitory motion. You can use it on yourself for some areas. But for your back neck and shoulders, you’ll need a partner, or your trainer, or your massage therapist to hit those can’t-reach-yourself areas while you relax and feel the love. - Jill Brown, Jill Brown Fitness Blog, Huffington Post


If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that everyone likes to feel relaxed. What’s a better way to relax than having a massage? They feel good, and it leaves you feeling amazing afterward. Well, this holiday season you can give someone that feeling with the BuffEnuff massager. This is a device that you or anyone else just has to have! The BuffEnuff Power Massager can provide you with powerful vibrational healing and therapeutic benefits for fitness, recovery, and wellness! This is the ultimate healing device and would be a wonderful holiday day gift for yourself or anyone who loves comfort. Everyone could use a powerful massage! -Kelly’s Thoughts on Things Blog

Instant Cordless Soothing Heat

I just unboxed the BuffEnuff Cordless Percussive Massager and set it up - it works fantastic! It really generates a lot of soothing heat almost instantly to the area it's applied to! I used it with the white cover on my thighs and it was amazing - so liberating without a cord to plug-in. BuffEnuff is the perfect fitness tool for stress relief! -Bruce Pecman, Mr. Biceps/Muscle Man of Technology
Click here to see Bruce demo BuffEnuff on Good Morning San Diego


Daily percussive massage therapy is the key to easing chronic pain, soothing sore muscles, boosting recovery, & increasing mobility. The BuffEnuff® Power Massager is the only cordless percussive massager that features a flat oscillating surface for expanded healing that delivers 3,300 RPMs of powerful pain relief, muscle recovery, & deep relaxation anytime, anywhere.

The top fitness and recovery tool used by elite athletes & clinical practitioners, BuffEnuff® is also the most affordable hand-held percussion massager on the market.

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