Buffenuff® Power Massager

Clinical-Grade Percussion Massage Therapy. Performance, Pain Relief & Recovery.


Game Changer for Recovery & Injury Prevention

"As a Coach & athlete, the BuffEnuff® power massager has been a game changer when it comes to recovery & injury prevention. I take it with me to all of my races, and use it on all of my athletes, young & old, with outstanding results. Using the BuffEnuff® in combination with foam rolling, SMR, & band work, I've been able to push my limits far beyond what they should be for my age, all the while avoiding any season ending injuries." Greg Amorelli - Co-Founder EVOC2 OCR training

Elite CrossFit Athlete Loves BuffEnuff

Top CrossFit athlete, dancer, and actress from the hit movie, Wonder Woman, Brooke Ence views recovery as a critical piece in her success. Instantly falling in love with the high-powered deep percussive waves of healing and recovery the BuffEnuff® Power Massager provides, Brooke uses it regularly to boost her muscle recovery & performance. Read more about Brooke's experience using BuffEnuff® on the BE Fit Blog.

Favorite Recovery Tool in my Arsenal

"The BuffEnuff® Power Massager has quickly become one of my favorite tools to both prepare and recover from movement sessions. Many of my clients also use them and many have reported some pretty awesome results especially in reducing pain and increasing range of motion. I like simple and refined modalities that are effective so we can focus on dynamic movement, especially in the outdoors. The BuffEnuff is a great tool in my arsenal!" Skye Nacel - Movement & Mountain Bike Coach

Relief from Chronic Back Pain

"Words really do not do this fine healing tool justice. Having lived with chronic back pain for the last 10+ years, I've used so many devices with...meh..good results. However, nothing I've experienced has had the versatility of this glorious machine... I am so grateful!! I can't say enough that everyone, practitioner and client alike, should have one of these power massagers hands down...or up! You will not be disappointed. 5++++stars!" Tiffany Marquez, Staff Member at Acupuncture For the People

Percussion Fitness Global Mission

Teaming together with non-profit Dreamweaver, Percussion Fitness® has a mission to bring healing percussive massage therapy to every day users and those who need it most around the world. A portion of proceeds from all sales benefit bringing healing modalities to third world countries.

BE the Change


Together we can make a difference! Join the BuffEnuff® movement and be a part of bringing the healing power of percussive massage therapy to those in need and to your life with daily therapeutic massage.

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Sharing the Healing

When you purchase BuffEnuff®, your purchase helps you BE Fit, BE Flexible, and BE Ready to live life to the fullest while also supporting our global mission to bring healing to those suffering in pain who need it the most.

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buffenuff® used by Rock Steady Boxing

We're committed to helping people with Parkinson’s live a fuller life.

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Portable so you can take it to the gym

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Cordless Percussive Massage Therapy, Powerful Healing

Led by a dynamic team of healers & fitness professionals, Percussion Fitness is the first company to introduce a cordless percussive massager with a flat oscillating surface for expanded healing that delivers powerful pain relief, muscle recovery, & relaxation, anytime, anywhere! We believe in offering fair & honest pricing with full transparency & we never raise our prices to offer pricing discount gimmicks. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

BE Fit, BE Flexible, BE Ready®!

BuffEnuff® Recovery - Ending No Pain, No Gain

Percussion Fitness® CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Warren Bruhl demonstrates active recovery with BuffEnuff® Power Massager

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Thermal imaging study demonstrates increased blood flow & circulation

New research demonstrates how BuffEnuff® delivers healing blood flow and circulation to help improve fitness, muscle recovery, & athletic performance.

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Delivering 3300 RPMs of deep penetrating healing, BuffEnuff® is the only cordless percussive massager on the market featuring a flat oscillating surface for advanced vibrational healing, recovery & pain relief.

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BuffEnuff® Pre-Workout Technique

Percussion Fitness® CEO Dr. Warren Bruhl demonstrates pre-workout warm up technique with BuffEnuff® Power Massager