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New Research Shows BuffEnuff® Percussive Massager Increases Circulation and Delivers Blood Flow Where You Need it Most (IN YOUR MUSCLES!)

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New Research just in from Percussion Fitness, LLC is demonstrating their BuffEnuff® Power Massager delivers healing blood flow where athletes need it most for optimal fitness and recovery, in their muscles! Conducting research in Deerfield, Illinois at UpRight MRI, a testing laboratory specializing in progressive laboratory methods, Percussion Fitness measured the positive circulation effects created by the BuffEnuff® Power Massager.  

BuffEnuff® Power Massager is a dynamic high powered percussion massager that provides 3300 RPMs of oscillating healing movement to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Using a proprietary technique developed by Percussion Fitness founders, Dr. Warren Bruhl and Jason Auer -Sears, BuffEnuff® is the only cordless massager that delivers this unique massage action and has specific technique. For the study, a 20-year-old college athlete was photographed using a thermographic imaging camera in the lumbar, thoracic, and lower cervical regions. As well, images were taken of the quadriceps, calves, anterior and posterior shoulder, anterior elbow, and mid-abdominal area. Then, treating one area at a time, a 3-minute treatment was provided using the proprietary technique Wrapping®, Clearing®, Grounding®, Sparking®, and Squaring®. For the application, Flat®, Tilt®, and Edge® methods were utilized. 

Further, comparison tests were performed on the quadriceps using rolling methods and the shoulder was tested using resistance bands, both for 3 minutes respectively. 

Test results demonstrated a dramatic increase in blood flow as noted by the thermographic imaging showing increased red, white, and orange imaging. Moreover, the increase in blood flow was noted by researchers to continue for up to one-hour post-treatment with blood flow and color change returning to baseline.

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