How To Use BuffEnuff Percussion Massager - FAQs

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BuffEnuff® Power Massager FAQs

What are the benefits of regular BuffEnuff® massage therapy?

Massaging your body every day helps with pain relief, muscle soreness, improved mood, detoxification, muscle health, organ tissue health, and stress relief. The more you use your BuffEnuff Power massager, the more intuitive your self treatments become as your body responds to the device to soothe sore muscles, ease pain, reduce stress, and boost athletic performance.

PRO Tip: The Percussion Fitness® leadership team has also created proprietary techniques for getting the most out of your BuffEnuff® massager and provides tips and tutorials online at BE Fit, BE Flexible, BE Ready to live life to the fullest!

Who can benefit from using BuffEnuff® Massagers?

Anybody who can benefit from massage therapy can enjoy a BuffEnuff® Massager. From top athletes, to clinical practitioners, to everyday people with chronic pain, muscle soreness and tightness, weekend warriors, laborers, those who sit at a desk all day, those rehabbing from accidents and surgeries, as well as aging bodies, anyone and everyone who loves massages can benefit from daily percussive massage therapy with the BuffEnuff Power Massager.

Can I use BuffEnuff® to massage myself?

Absolutely! The BuffEnuff® Power Massager is designed to be user friendly for self-care. With its cordless functionality and easy grip handle, it’s even easy for most people to massage their mid and upper back.

What are the benefits of using BuffEnuff® for daily self-care?

Massaging your body every day with BuffEnuff® can help ease aches and pains, muscle soreness, treat painful trigger points and myofascial pain, improve mood, detoxification, peak athletic performance, lowered stress and anxiety and more.

Is it safe to use BuffEnuff® on all areas of my body?

Most areas of the body respond very well to the BuffEnuff® massager. But be very careful, lightly treating the back and sides of the neck.

Caution: Do not treat the front of the neck or throat. Do not use on varicosities, tissue inflammation or healing injuries such as stitches and healing bones. Stay away from tumors, undiagnosed lumps and cysts. Do not use the BuffEnuff® Massager on your face or head. Consult your physician prior to use. For complete safety information read the entire safety guide in our user manual or available online on our website.

Have any scientific studies been conducted on percussive massagers?

Recent studies have shown that percussive massage can cause muscle tissue to contract more than 30x more powerfully than normal voluntary contractions. Like yoga and exercise, this action results in muscular and fascial lengthening and strengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery. Also resulting in relieved muscular tightness and reduced physical stress placed on bones and joints, percussive massage has proven to deliver more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle and fascial tissues, resulting in reduced stress and soreness and improved muscle function. Used for rehabilitation, percussive massage expedites healing and recovery of non-use atrophic muscles that have been injured due to traumas, surgery or disease.

Is the BuffEnuff® percussive massager safe?

Developed, manufactured, and tested by a top Doctor of Chiropractor, Licensed Massage Therapist and CrossFit Coach/Owner, BuffEnuff® Percussion Massagers are used safely daily by top athletes, clinical practitioners, massage therapists, and every day users. Prior to using, make sure you read the entire safety and user manual and follow instructions. If you have any contraindications for use, consult with your medical professional prior to use.

Does the BuffEnuff® massager increase circulation?

Yes! In a recent thermal imaging study, Percussion Fitness® demonstrated how the BuffEnuff® Power massager delivers healing blood flow to muscles, promoting healing and recovery and boosting optimal fitness. To read more about the study, visit

How does the BuffEnuff® massager help with workout recovery?

Pre workout massage warms muscles and post workout massage keeps the fascia from tightening, while pushing lactic acid and waste, oxygenating muscle cells, and increasing circulation.

How does BuffEnuff® help with mobility?

The percussive oscillatory motion of the BuffEnuff® Power Massager helps release tension and stiffness, leading to improved mobility and motion.

Is it safe to use a BuffEnuff Massager if I’m pregnant?

Pregnant women should first consult a physician before using the BuffEnuff® or any other percussion massager. Do not apply to the abdominal area.

Is it safe to use a BuffEnuff® Massager if I’m taking blood thinner medications?

No. Always consult your physician or medical professional if you are taking any medication before use.If you take drugs like Coumadin (warfarin), Heparin (highly sulfated glycosaminoglycan), Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium), Normiflo (ardeparin sodium), or Orgaran (danaparoid sodium), you should not use the percussive massager. If you take aspirin regularly, you should try massaging a small area to see if you experience bruising. If not, you may massage with caution.

Is it safe to use a BuffEnuff® Massager directly on skin?

Yes, the microfiber plush crowns are designed to be soft, luxurious, and very comfortable on bare skin. If you have sensitive skin and experience some discomfort, try using the massager over clothing. You may experience slight itching which is perfectly normal and no need for concern.

Is it normal for my skin to turn red when I use my BuffEnuff® Power Massager?

After massaging an area, the user may notice light puffiness or redness of the skin due to  dilation of blood vessels, muscle cells and fascia, but no worries; these are normal results and are evidence of BuffEnuff is hard at work boosting muscle recovery. Consult your physician if you experience prolonged periods of pain or inflammation after using the BuffEnuff® power massager.

Is it safe to use BuffEnuff® Massager on clothing and fabric?

Yes, the microfiber plush crowns are designed with just enough slip to allow them to glide over most clothing without bunching. Be advised to keep the vibrating pad away from loose clothing and jewelry. For complete safety information read the entire safety guide.

What are the methods of applying the BuffEnuff® PAD ON THE BODY?

FLAT® - When the flat part of the pad surface is used in full contact with the body, perfect for warming muscles and for general relaxation.

TILT®  - When contacting the body with a slight tilt in the BuffEnuff® and the pad is at about a 30-45 degree angle to the body. is the most effective way to clear the muscle of waste products that can cause muscle pain. CLEARING® is helpful after exercise to reduce muscle soreness.   

EDGE® - Edge contact delivers more concentrated percussion action into muscle tissue.  When contacting the body with the side of the pad and may by used for deeper penetrating healing to treat tight trigger points.

For more tips on using BuffEnuff® and the “BE” healing technique, visit

How long should I massage a specific area on my body?

Many of our users find that 3 to 5 minute quick massages, applied to each body surface for 10 to 20 seconds (no more than 30 seconds continuously) helps ease pain, muscle soreness and stress.

PRO Tip: Less is more if you have a new injury or acute inflammation; stop if you feel a sense of burning and be careful when using the edge and tilt techniques when injury or inflammation are present. When in doubt, use use the flat method with either the wrapping or hovering technique.

How often can I use the BuffEnuff® massager?

Whenever, Wherever! Apply the BuffEnuff® Power Massager up to 5 minutes per body part several times a day, pre and post workout, and as needed. What’s nice about BuffEnuff® is it is always handy, you do not have to make an appointment with a massage therapist, you won’t need to leave a tip, and you won’t need to leave your house! BuffEnuff is also great for taking to the office, to the gym, and even for traveling.

Can I clean the BuffEnuff Massager crown?

The white dry-brushing bonnet will pick up clothes dyes and oils and exfoliated skin. Throw the bonnet in the washer and dryer. Or, soak the bonnets in hot water with 1 tbsp of vinegar for 1 hour. Wash out with a drop of liquid soap, rinse thoroughly and wring it out to dry.

How long do the crown bonnets last? Can I replace them?

The crown bonnets should last for 200+ uses or 6 months of regular use. Percussion Fitness can provide as many as you may need for personal use or for your practice. Purchase your extra crowns on our products page.

How does BuffEnuff Power Massagers compare to other personal massagers on the market?

One of the biggest differences is the shape of our device along with it’s cordless functionality. There are no painful hard nobs, typical of most percussive massage tools, and with BuffEnuff®’s flat oscillating surface, our massagers provide expanded vibrational healing and feature an oscillating disk padded with layers of foam and a plush microfiber crown. Delivering optimal levels of vibration, percussion, and friction, we believe the BuffEnuff® massager is more powerful, easier and more convenient to use, and simply feels better than any other massager on the market. A Clinical-grade percussive massager featuring 3,300 RPM’s of powerful pain relief and healing action, BuffEnuff® is battery operated, featuring a handy grip for both self use and partner massage. As leaders in the health and fitness field, the Percussion Fitness leadership team has focused on all aspects of convenience, effectiveness, uses, intentionally creating the very best and most affordable percussive massager available on the market for both clinical and personal use.

Do you offer instructions on how to use BuffEnuff Power Massager?

We have tips on techniques and tutorials on our website and we also offer on-going instructional webinars on techniques for getting the most out of BuffEnuff® and Clinical Uses. Follow us on Facebook @Percussion.Fit, on Twitter @PercussionFit and on Instagram @BuffEnuffMassager for updates on upcoming webinars and events.

Does the BuffEnuff Power Massager come with a warranty?

Yes, BuffEnuff® comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering mechanical failure and we offer a brand-new replacement. For full details, visit our warranty page.

Does BuffEnuff come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you buy a BuffEnuff® Power Massager on our website, you may return it to us for a full refund, no questions asked.