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The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2000, ranked the US health care system as the most expensive in the world, first to respond, but 37th overall in performance and 72nd by overall level of health among 191 nations included in this study. (WHO assesses the world's health system - Press Release WHO/44 21 June 2000). Moreover, since this study, the decline in healthcare standards and costs to provide adequate care have not improved, instead, they have declined. Spending on health care now represents 17.1% of the GDP ($9,403.00 per capita) in the United States and life expectancy ranks only 42nd among 224 nations and 22nd out of 35 industrialized nations.  Further troubling, the uninsured without access to care continues to grow, representing 11.% of the US populous. (Wikepedia.org - Healthcare in the United States) Finally, and perhaps the most troubling statistics we must face in the United States is the danger that lurks within many institutions of health care. Pharmaceutical side effects including death, medical error in hospitals and clinics are rampant in a system stretched to its limits and unable to keep up with demands placed on it. As a result of the formidable challenges in U.S. healthcare, using affordable home care aids, and providing simple instruction for people they can apply themselves in their own homes, are promising ways to avoid unnecessary medical expenses and ensure sound health.

Percussion Fitness® is at the forefront of this revolution providing home care solutions in a simple and easy to use percussion massage tool called the BuffEnuff® Power Massager. Portable and highly effective, our clients rave about their BuffEnuff®. They take it to the gym using it before workouts to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improve recovery. They use the BuffEnuff percussive massager for stress at work, giving themselves a 3-minute pick-me-up, and athletes are discovering how they are able to recover from instense training and regain lost flexibility in injured muscles. As well, our thermography research has shown there are remarkable improvements in circulation in fascia and muscles. Parkinson's patients use the BuffEnuff® as part of a program called Rock Steady Boxing, noting how the massager improves hand strength, relaxes tight muscles, and gives them relief from the internal feelings of pain and spasticity associated with the degenerative actions of the disease.  

Recently, I went to the Dominican Republic and was fortunate to visit a man named Pedro, who had been unable to walk and use his right arm for 13 years. During this time, he spent the majority of this time in bed, requiring the limited home health care services available to a man living in poverty in his nation. Needless to say, this wasn't much as his circumstance certainly was bleak but did not diminish his gratefulness for his life and his love for God. His legs were shriveled, spastic and in pain, he had a catheter inserted to remove the urinary fluids, and his right arm lied atrophied glued to his side held there by scar tissue and disuse. While the doctors I visited Pedro with were horrified by what they saw,  a man apparently without hope, lying in a bed that smelled of urine and feces in a hot and humid home the size of a small bedroom, I recognized Pedro did not feel hopeless. Instead, he was grateful for what little help he received from caring local people and he was anxious to receive a treatment from our team including a BuffEnuff® massage to improve the circulation in his body. 

As he laid blissfully receiving his BuffEnuff® treatment, he smiled, relaxed and became less spastic. His words came from his mouth with more ease, and he began to imbue a halo of healing around his body instead of the declining status we had found in him only 15 minutes prior. It didn't take long to treat him, pray with him, receive encouragement from him and from us in return. The simple exchange was a beautiful moment I cherish and I also recognize there are many more Pedro's in the world who need us to go to them bringing hope and healing. There are many people in hospitals and in hospice who need percussion massage.

There is a need to bring health care costs under control and also give safer more effective ways to manage pain. For these reasons and more, we developed BuffEnuff® to Equip the World to Heal. Join our team as an affiliate, selling BuffEnuff® to friends, co-workers, patients, and family. Spread the word, share the healing, and let's help the world BE FIT, BE FLEXIBLE, & BE READY to live life to the fullest!

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