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New Hope for Parkinson’s Disease Found in Boxing and Percussion Massage

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Parkinson's Disease affects over 1 million Americans costing lost time earnings of $25 billion dollars annually. A disease of the nerve system and muscles, Parkinson's Disease (PD) symptoms are characterized by muscle tremors, slowed movement, pain, walking difficulty, depression, and sleep disturbances. Unclear what causes PD, treatment options include exercise, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, medication, and in some cases, surgery. Medication costs can average more than $2500.00 annually and surgery over $100,000.00. The stigma and difficulty many feel who are stricken with PD can be demoralizing, often leading to depression and withdrawal. However, hope is now being discovered with intense exercise and percussion massage, a new and exciting massage therapy that gives rapid waves of kinetic healing movement to muscles. 

Providing special classes through a program called Rock Steady Boxing, co-owner of Percussion Fitness, Jimmy Greninger, is combining intense exercise and percussion massage with the BuffEnuff® percussive massager to help Parkinson's patients. Using techniques developed by Percussion Fitness, including Grounding®, Clearing®, Sparking®, Wrapping®, and Hinging®, Parkinson's sufferers are finding they have improved mobility and confidence, lowered depression, walk with more steadiness, and many facets of daily performance are improved. These findings, coinciding with research that has been done on Parkinson's Disease, demonstrate massage therapy as an effective aid.

Typically, clients begin their workouts using the BuffEnuff® electric massager for a few minutes, placing the pad Flat® on the body area getting treated, while covering as much body surface area as possible. After, they position the Tilt® contact of the BuffEnuff® and move along the muscle bellies like the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and lower back. Then they move into deep pushing movements called Grounding® and rapid back and forth actions with the buffer called Sparking® that creates heat and promotes circulation. Finally, the BuffEnuff® is used to improve range of motion with Hinging® technique. Placing the buffer near a joint with the pad either, Flat®, Tilted® or on Edge®, an active motion of the joint being treated is executed while BuffEnuff's® deep oscillating massage penetrates the tissue.

Following the percussion massage treatment, boxers then go through an intensely focused boxing program created by Rock Steady Boxing and then cool down again with the BuffEnuff® recovery treatments afterward. The results are phenomenal and are gaining converts and making dramatic life changes for Greninger's members who are coping with Parkinson's disease.

One of the benefits of using the BuffEnuff® Power Massager compared to traditional massage is how easy and quick it is to administer. It is also more cost-effective. Costing less than $200.00, a traditional massage averages about $90.00 - $100.00 per hour. BuffEnuff® users can get hours and hours of massage anywhere and anytime versus a traditional massage that requires a therapist and can only be administered by the treating therapist. Further, a percussion massage can be given to one's self and also partners can learn the simple techniques to help one another with little or no formal training required. Percussion massage can be a viable alternative to traditional massage and also can be used in clinical massage settings to enhance the therapeutic results.

Parkinson's Disease can be a cruel and dehumanizing disease causing many who suffer from it to become depressed and lose hope. Thanks to programs like Rock Steady Boxing and the BuffEnuff® Power Massager created by Percussion Fitness®, new hope is here.

Click link below to read more about the Rock Steady Boxing Program and how the BuffEnuff® Power Massager is helping Parkinson's sufferers.

 Rock Steady Boxing & BuffEnuff® - New Hope for Parkinson's Disease



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