Revive in Five - 5 Minutes to Warm-up and Get Your Blood Flowing with a Percussion Massager

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The circulatory system and your muscles are interconnected and what is good for your heart and circulation is good for your muscles. Vice versa, what is good for your muscles is good for your heart. Moreover, exercise, food, positive thought, stretching, and massage are excellent ways to improve circulation, enhance blood flow to the brain and even the penile area for men suffering from erectile dysfunction problems. The definition of blood flow is the total movement of blood through the entire circulatory system which includes the heart, arteries, and veins. Additionally, there is further circulation in the lymphatic system that helps eliminate wastes from the body. Blood brings oxygen to the body and the brain and then carries away the carbon dioxide for expulsion. As well, blood carries nutrients, sugar, vitamins, and minerals for metabolic processes.

Whenever you’re going to exercise the demands for blood in the muscles multiplies. Heart rate rises, activating the pumping action of the heart to increase the rate and amplitude of the blood that can be processed through the body. While the amount of blood remains constant in your body, roughly about 1.2 - 1.5 gallons, the capacity for the body to use this blood is at it’s highest peak when there is a demand. Going out for a run, taking a bike ride, rowing a boat, and lifting weights all raise heart rate. Though, continuous and steady movements using larger muscles tend to increase the heart rate the most and place the greatest load on the system. As a byproduct of muscle function during exercise, waste products are traded for oxygen in the muscles and maintain the muscle equilibrium. A muscle devoid of oxygen will hurt, burn, and feel painful. A muscle receiving enough oxygen and able to eliminate the build-up of waste from its metabolic activity feels free, loose, and very functional. Thus helping to increase blood flow to muscles is crucial.

One of the ways your body learns to adapt to exercise is by increasing the amount to blood carrying vessels within muscles called capillaries. Capillaries are tiny blood carrying tubes in the muscles and other tissues that are like small branches coming off the larger arteries. On the other end of the exchange of blood flow are tiny vessels called venules that lead to veins and they are the waste carrying carbon dioxide part of the circulatory system. Increased demands cause the body to manufacture more of these vessels and to help enhance their action, a relaxed and alert muscle is important. Massage and particularly highly stimulating massage like percussion massage, alerts and relaxes muscles so they can prepare the tiny tubules for blood and call the body to send more from other surrounding tissue to the area about to need it for exercise.

Think of this warm up like a harmonizing system. A cold muscle is similar to out of tune instrument. When an instrument is not played for awhile, it tends to lose its balanced sound. In the same way, your muscles, when taken from inactive or even just mild activity to high demand movements like running, biking, even walking up stairs or on a treadmill, require a tuning. Using a BuffEnuff® Power Massager acts like a tuning system. The 3300 rpm oscillating movement of the head, awaken, stimulate, and tell your muscles they are ready for high-intensity activity. Moreover, the percussion massage gives a muscle a sense of security, alerting it that all is safe now to exercise by sending calming feelings to the brain. Of course, if you have a muscle or ligament tear or bone fracture, the calming vibrational movement may feel good while applied but you will not be able to exercise on a damaged muscle, ligament, or bone. However, the BuffEnuff® can help you rehab your damaged muscle or ligament by aiding in the restoration of proper motion and helping to eliminate scar tissue restrictions.

Typically, most people report an improved range of motion, less stiffness, and muscles that feel ready for exercise when they use the BuffEnuff® prior to exercise for about 5 minutes. Beginning with Wrapping® technique focused mostly on the legs, back, shoulders, and neck, and then moving to some Clearing®, and then Hinging® works well as preparation. It doesn’t take long to Revive in Five, with BuffEnuff®.

Even using the BuffEnuff® on the groin, the symphysis pubis, iliac crest, and glutes are a great way to help loosen the core muscles. It can also easily be applied to the hip flexors, while actively stretching the hip flexor muscles. So today, be sure to take your BuffEnuff® out before your workout, use it on the muscles you’re going to be using the most during your training, and notice how much better you feel before, during, and after your workouts.

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