Parkinson's Support

Special Discount for Parkinson's Community


Percussion Fitness is a proud supporter of the Parkinson's Community. From providing a recovery station for the Parkinson's community at Rock Steady Boxing at CrossFit Overwatch in the Bay Area to offering discounts to individuals dealing with Parkinson's disease and therapists who treat them, we're here for you.


BuffEnuff masager brings healing therapies to Parkinson's Community at Rock Steady Boxing


"We're dedicated to getting BuffEnuff® in the hands of people who need the healing therapy of our massager," states Percussion Fitness CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Warren Bruhl. "We want to do everything we can to help people with Parkinson's live a fuller life, helping them to ease their pain and reduce their symptoms while also equipping them to BE more Fit, Flexible, and BE Ready than they left untreated would be." 


BuffEnuff Power Massager brings healing massage to Parkinson's Community at Rock Steady Boxing Program


If you or anyone you know is coping with Parkinson’s disease, email us at to receive a coupon code for $10 off the Standard or Value Pack BuffEnuff® Power Massager.

For more information about BuffEnuff® and healing techniques, email A company representative will happily provide information on techniques and tutorials for getting the most out of your BuffEnuff® massager as well as dates for upcoming free training webinars.

In addition to Parkinson’s disease, BuffEnuff® has been used as a tool during massage therapy and physical therapy for easing chronic pain, myofascial pain, and fibromyalgia, as well as a resource for chiropractors for enhancing therapies.

Click here for more information on the BuffEnuff® Power Massager and the "BE" Healing Techniques.