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Our Story

Imagine a world where everyone can live free of pain, without stress, empowered to make a difference. Imagine a company dedicated to educating and providing healing tools to the world and focused on making a better world for everyone. That company exists. Percussion Fitness has a mission to bring the healing power of cordless percussive massage therapy to everyday users and to those who need it most around the world.

On a Healing Mission

Traveling across the globe to remote bomas in East Africa, to villages in Haiti, to homeless shelters in Chicago, Chiropractor, author, humanitarian, and agent of social change Dr. Warren Bruhl recognizes the need for healing and is dedicated to making the world a better place, one percussive massage at a time. Joined by Medical Massage Therapist Jason Auer-Sears and CrossFit professional Jimmy Greninger, Dr. Bruhl aims to "equip the world to heal" through the healing power of percussive massage therapy and to help the needed become needed through his ongoing mission work with Dreamweaver International.

Learn more about our company history and mission and see how the cordless BuffEnuff® percussive massager is helping boost workout recovery, mobility, and athletic performance, soothe sore muscles and ease chronic pain and why it's fast becoming the favorite tool of choice among top chiropractors, massage therapists, and clinical practitioners for clinical use.

Percussion Fitness & BuffEnuff®

Percussion Fitness CEO Dr. Warren Bruhl brings Good Vibes with BuffEnuff to youth in Kenya.

Dr. Warren Bruhl with Children of Kenya

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Percussion Fitness Brings Healing Percussive Massage Therapy to Parkinson's Community.

BuffEnuff Recovery Station at Rock Steady Boxing in the East Bay

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Dreamweaver/Percussion Fitness Leaders on a Mission to "Equip the World to Heal."

Dr. Warren Bruhl with Todd Love Ball, Jr.

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Northbrook Doctor Keeps Dreams Alive for the Maasai, Bringing Hope and Healing To Africans.

BuffEnuff Healing Stories from Africa

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