Percussion Fitness® is a proud supporter of the heroes who keep us safe and take care of millions of people in their time of need. From offering special discounts to active duty military/police/fire/FBI and veterans as well as free tutorials and continuing education on advanced massage techniques using BuffEnuff® we're here for you.

Please email us at with your military ID or any proof of service to receive a discount code for $10 off BuffEnuff® Standard Package or Value Package before placing an order.

Email Us | Subject Line: FIRST RESPONDER Coupon Code Request

A portion of the proceeds from all BuffEnuff®  Massagers sold go towards global health programs to help under-resourced populations.

"We're dedicated to getting BuffEnuff® in the hands of people who need the healing therapy of our massager," states Percussion Fitness CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Warren Bruhl. "We want to do everything we can to help our military and veterans while also equipping them to BE more Fit, Flexible, and BE Ready than they left untreated would be."

For more information about BuffEnuff® and healing techniques, email A company representative will happily provide information on techniques and tutorials for getting the most out of your BuffEnuff® massager as well as dates for upcoming free training webinars.

In addition to being used by fitness professionals, athletes, and personal trainers, BuffEnuff® has been used as a tool during massage therapy and physical therapy for easing chronic pain, myofascial pain, and fibromyalgia, as well as a resource for chiropractors for enhancing therapies.

Click here for more information on the BuffEnuff® Power Massager and the "BE" Healing Techniques.

The BuffEnuff® Power Massager is an excellent recovery device for active-duty members of the military and veterans. 

The increased muscular blood flow caused by the BuffEnuff® massager produces numerous healthy benefits for military service members, boosting faster muscle recovery and healing from the stress and strain of training or service. The BuffEnuff® uses powerful percussive force on muscles that creates intense blood flow to aid in muscle recovery, without the pain normally associated with deep tissue treatments or foam rollers. The BuffEnuff® improves blood flow through muscles and joints, minimizes lactic acid, resulting in reduced soreness and accelerated healing and recovery.

The most affordable cordless portable hand-held percussive massager on the market featuring a flat oscillating surface for expanded healing, the BuffEnuff® Power Massager can be used anytime, anywhere without worrying about needing an electrical outlet. With it’s cordless functionality, handy grips, and ease of use, BuffEnuff® is the ideal fitness tool for training, active military service, or pre-workout warm up and recovery at the gym. Designed with an easy grip handle, BuffEnuff®  places the healing power of percussive massage therapy in the palm of the user’s hands, allowing them to aid in their own recovery. This allows the user to control the location as well as the pressure of the device, driving blood flow into the muscles and joints and easing muscle soreness, tight trigger points and pain.

Not only does it feel better than a typical massage, it can be used multiple times a day for self-care and partner massage.

Use the BuffEnuff® Power Massager:

  • Enjoy healing therapeutic massage anytime, anywhere
  • Experience 3,300 RPM's of powerful pain relief & advanced vibrational healing
  • Soothe sore muscles & boost workout recovery
  • Promote healthy relaxation & deep tissue massage
  • Treat trigger points, muscle knots, myofascial pain, & scar tissue
  • Treat leg cramps and knots and flush the lactic acid on the go
  • Improve circulation, flexibility & mobility
  • Reduce stress, tension, & anxiety
  • Peak performance & injury prevention
  • Improve sleep, health, & quality of life
  • Prevent injuries by increasing blood flow
  • Increase oxygen & decrease muscle fatigue
  • Push out stored lactic acid by increasing blood flow in minutes
  • Aid in phantom limb pain
  • Doctor & Therapist recommended

Volume Discounts Available

We offer large volume discounts for fireman, police, and military when purchasing a large volume order greater than 8 units. To find out more about our volume discounts, email us at Our case pricing is $149.95 per unit and is available to police stations, military bases, or fire houses interested in purchasing BuffEnuff® Power Massagers in bulk.