Our Story

Why Percussive Massage Healing is Needed.

Over 7 billion people are alive today and for the vast majority of them, hard demanding physical labor is their work. Farmers, manual laborers, factory workers and the lion's share of the people living today depend on their body to be able walk long distances, lift heavy loads, and work long hours. As well, people in office environments, commuters, and people in all cross sections of life are bombarded by stress. The result of these circumstances ends up causing pain, disability, and physical breakdown. Sadly, millions around the world have little or no access to proper healthcare to alleviate pain and suffering. Virtually no doctors of chiropractic or osteopathic medicine are available to provide manual therapies. Massage and physical therapy are also nearly non-existent. Medical treatment can also be limited leaving too many people with little or no hope they can do anything to overcome the ravages of stress physically and mentally. Now imagine a world where everyone can live free of pain, without stress, empowered to make a difference. Imagine a company dedicated to educating and providing healing tools to the world and focused on making a better world for everyone. That company exists. Percussion Fitness has a mission to bring the healing power of cordless percussive massage therapy to everyday users and to those who need it most around the world. 

On a Healing Mission

Traveling across the globe to remote bomas (villages) in East Africa, to villages in Haiti, to homeless shelters in Chicago, Chiropractor, author and humanitarian Dr. Warren Bruhl recognizes the need for healing and is dedicated to making the world a better place, one percussive massage at a time.
. Percussion Fitness Global Healing Efforts
Our Vision:
To Equip the World to Heal. e•quip (ɪˈkwɪp)
v.t. e•quipped, e•quip•ping.
1. to provide with what is needed for use or for an undertaking; fit out: to equip an army.
2. to dress; array.
3. to furnish with intellectual or emotional resources; prepare.
Partnering with a licensed massage therapist, Jason Auer-Sears and a CrossFit trainer Jimmy Greninger to form Percussion Fitness, LLC, Dr. Bruhl reflects, “we had a vision to provide a way for people to alleviate pain, to self-heal, and be empowered to help one another with percussive massage. My heart had been saddened by too many people I took care of around the world, knowing they had no real options available for them to heal pain and disability. But when I used a percussion massager like our BuffEnuff® Power Massager, I could see the light come back into people’s eyes, smiles erupting, and hope growing. I knew we were on to something and then it just became a matter of developing a product that could GO ANYWHERE, and be USED ANYTIME. It also had to be easy for people to learn how to use it and for us to be able to translate our teaching methods into any language and have them be able to apply the BuffEnuff® Healing Technique.”
Thus, Percussion Fitness was born and the BuffEnuff® Power Massager became the centerpiece of a global healing strategy for people to heal and become the healer for others. For that reason, Percussion Fitness donates a percentage of all sales to provide cordless BuffEnuff® Power Massagers for communities requiring help.
When you purchase a BuffEnuff® Massager, your purchase is not only helping you feel better, recover better, relax and heal better, but it becomes a global extension of your caring heart and hands when we put one in the hands of a waiting man/woman suffering in pain.

BuffEnuff Power Massager Brings Healing to Kenyan Villagers
Together we can make a difference! Join the BuffEnuff® movement and be a part of bringing the healing power of percussive massage therapy to your life and also to those in need.