Fasting? Use BuffEnuff® to Help Your Lymphatic System and Improve Your Results

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Fasting can be one of the most beneficial and simple things you can do periodically to improve your health.  Yet, few people embark on the journey of discovery fasting can bring them.  Perhaps, it is because it's hard to go without food for extended periods of time, stomach pangs, weakness, brain fog, and feeling tired being side effects at the beginning of a fast, that people just can't handle. However, if you get through the early stages of the fast, using your will-power and discipline to push on, you will discover and feel a lift after you've finished.  

There are primarily three ways to approach a fast.  You can simply begin by just skipping a meal like breakfast or lunch.  Or you may skip both and just eat at dinner time.  Fasting is best accomplished by breaking your fast and eating windows into time periods.  An ideal division is fasting for 16 hours and then collapsing your eating window into eight hours.  So as an example, you'd eat dinner at 6 p.m. and then go to bed at your usual time only drinking water up until bedtime after dinner.  Then you'd wake up and drink just water or Matcha Tea, a special green tea grown in Japan, and then avoid any caloric intake until 10 a.m. Then, you'd eat in that window of time up until 6 p.m. again.  You could repeat this several days in a row and even vary it increasing the time slightly of the fasting portion and shortening the feeding window.  It's ideal to not do this continually but visit it once a month as a health practice for a week to reset your body.

Research has demonstrated fasting has a number of positive effects on the body including:

1.  Increasing weight loss - improving the appearance and muscle mass relative to fat

2.  Increases brain cell regeneration

3.  Eliminates degraded damaged cells within the body

4.  Improves mental clarity

5. Improves digestion

6. Reduces inflammation

7.  Calms the nervous system

8. Improves mental health

9. Increases longevity


One of the side effects of fasting if you don't approach your fast properly is the possible development of strong side effects from waste products attempting to eliminate from your body.  This can be further exaggerated if your lymphatic system is sluggish.  The lymphatic system is the main cleaning system of wastes in the human body.  Running close to the skin, there is a vast network of lymph vessels similar to blood vessels but smaller and more extensive.  Movement of the body, massage, and hydrating the body helps keep this massive liquid tributary system moving.  However, a rapid increase in waste being dumped by old cells and debris accumulated in your fat cells can clog this system if you are not pro-active in taking care of the lymphatics.  One way to help ensure the lymphatics stay clear is by using BuffEnuff® every couple of hours during a fast.  Using flat and tilt contacts and working the lymphatics toward the heart as shown in this video link should be a part of every fast.  In addition, you need to exercise and hydrate properly.  


If you follow proper care, fasting will end up making you feel awesome and you'll look forward to the way it makes you feel every time and it will no longer be considered a chore but instead a blessing.  Here's to a great fast and to using BuffEnuff®.  BE FIT, BE FLEXIBLE, BE READY

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