Percussive Massage Emerging & Impacting Health Globally

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As newer and more advanced methods emerge like percussive massage for treatment of pain, dysfunction, and other conditions of the body, hopeful opportunity exists to have a greater impact on human health. Worldwide millions of people suffer in chronic pain and some degree of musculoskeletal dysfunction. As a result the use of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs and pain relievers are among the highest use globally and certainly in the United States. Still, these medications frequently have a plethora of side effects and are usually ineffective. While a large body of research has demonstrated massage therapy, chiropractic, and other forms of manual therapy are powerful agents for healing pain and dysfunction in the body, there are too few practitioners and trained personnel to provide proper care.

For this reason, percussive massage, using a healing modality like the BuffEnuff® Power Massager, may be a strong agent to improve health outcomes around the world. In part because the forces the BuffEnuff® Power Massager are controlled, more dynamic, and certainly more powerful in some cases than traditional massage therapy application. 


Research in massage has demonstrated it is a wonderful method for pain management: people intuitively massage areas of pain to make the area feel better. The research has shown elevated plasma β-endorphin levels following massage therapy, which may explain some of its pain-reducing properties. Theorists have postulated that massage therapy may decrease substance P levels during massage treatment, but controlled studies have not yet been performed. A systematic review of 22 articles on the effects of massage therapy on relaxation and comfort indicated significantly decreased anxiety or perception of tension in 8 of 10 articles; physiological relaxation was indicated in 7 of 10 articles; and 3 studies demonstrated it was effective at reducing pain.

It is not unusual for some chronic pain to be related to musculoskeletal restrictions and/or immobility. In cases where mobility restrictions are a source of chronic pain, massage can be beneficial as an adjunct to a person's management, especially to facilitate passive and active ranges of motion during physical therapy. Moreover, because the BuffEnuff® Power Massager can amplify the effect of the massage on these parameters, it is a vital part to a complete myocare program for the body. Controlled studies have found massage to be more effective than relaxation techniques for musculoskeletal pain reduction. 

Studies comparing effectiveness of massage therapy versus traditional therapies (traditional Chinese acupuncture, self-care measures, progressive muscle relaxation, soft tissue manipulation, exercise, or placebo) for chronic low back pain demonstrated massage to be more effective for reducing symptoms and improving function. In addition, massage therapy had beneficial effects for almost a year after active treatment when used in conjunction with exercise and education.


Percussion Fitness® believes more knowledge helps people become empowered and having their own BuffEnuff® Power Massager gives them a reliable tool to help ease pain and improve function. Moreover, as people around the globe also discover how easy it is to give percussive massage and offer this care to family, friends, colleagues, patients, and people in need, a greater increase in cooperative efforts will emerge that will help other challenges existing within communities. 

Source:  Loo, May. “Massage Therapy.” Massage Therapy - an Overview | ScienceDirect Topics, Science Direct,

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