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Teaching the Maasai to BE Fit, BE Flexible, & BE Ready

Warren Bruhl BuffEnuff Power Massager in Africa Dr. Warren Bruhl Dreamweaver International Global Health with BuffEnuff Jason Auersears Massage in Africa Percussion Massage in Africa

(Dr. Warren Bruhl teaching a local Maasai leader, Lenkai Kiturai, how to treat his neighbors with the BuffEnuff® Power Massager)

Percussion Fitness has just returned from a two mission trip to Kenya and executive director, Dr. Warren Bruhl, was pleased with the warm reception the BuffEnuff® Power Massager received from local people who instantly appreciated the healing care this tool provides.  During the two week trip, Dr. Bruhl took along a small team from the United States and Australia, to teach the BuffEnuff® Healing Technique and also provide care to weary and pain ridden bodies.  

Where ever, the BuffEnuff® was offered, people anxiously awaited a turn to have their back, knee, shoulder, or whatever ailed them helped by this remarkable healing tool.  Often, right after working on one painful area, the Maasai people receiving the care would point to another part that hurt. Bruhl adds, “Many people around the world suffer with terrrible pain and few if any options exist for them to end suffering. So the BuffEnuff® Power Massager is the beginning to a new pathway to pain relief and better health.  It is recognized that when people hurt, they secrete cortisol horomone and this body chemical when released too often leads to tissue breakdown and disease.  Therefore the BuffEnuff® Power Massager is having a significant role in improving quality of life and maybe even longevity.  

Bruhl further notes, “it’s important for our customers to know that every BuffEnuff they buy, helps us fund this project so we can donate these machines to people who need them.  

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