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BuffEnuff Power Massager Healing in Africa

Warren Bruhl Africa BuffEnuff BuffEnuff Power Massager Dr. Warren Bruhl Global Poverty Healthcare Kenya

Dr. Warren Bruhl, Percussion Fitness co-founder, recently returned from Kenya where he was providing chiropractic services, training, and leadership guidance.  Dr. Bruhl, besides being one of the leaders at Percussion Fitness, is also a director for Dreamweaver International.  Dreamweaver has a global and domestic mission in the United States to Help the Needy Become Needed. Focus of the charity are improvements in education, healthcare, and compassion.  

The BuffEnuff serves a vital role in Bruhl’s work in healthcare abroad because it provides a tool he can teach local healthcare specialists and lay people how to use. Then they have an effective way to alleviate pain and muscle problems that in some cases can be crippling to people who must depend on their body’s health for hard manual labor they must do.  

Percussion Fitness has a global vision to improve healthcare around the world and is proud to donate a portion of their profit to under resourced populations and subsidize the purchase of BuffEnuff Power Massagers for people in great need who lack the resources to fund purchase.

See the BuffEnuff Power Massager in Africa  

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