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Empowered Muscle Recovery with BuffEnuff® Percussive Handheld Massager

Jason Auer-Sears BuffEnuff Power Massager Deep Tissue Electric Massager Electric Percussion Massager Professional Electric Massager

My massage clients really get a huge kick when I bust out the cordless BuffEnuff percussive massager. This is how it usually goes down...

ME: "Ok I'm going to use the body buffer on you for 5 minutes to increase blood flow."

CLIENT: "Ha ha, is that a sander??"

ME: "NO! But it is a wellness power massager and it feels amazing, check it out..."


I have been treating people as an LMT for 16 years full time and when I use a tool it's for a reason. Quality work in a short amount of time is the reason why people use power tools. Often, the task at hand requires enough power, speed and maneuvering to tackle that job. I work on people all day, hands-on and full of heart. When I decide to use the BuffEnuff, it's saving time, saving my hands, and adding a whole other realm of healing to my client's experience. My favorite part is when it dawns on them that they can use BuffEnuff in their own home and empower their health and wellness daily. I love my job and my client receives quality healing care!

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, clinical practitioner or an everyday user, daily percussive massage therapy has been shown to have many healing benefits including healthy relaxation, muscle recovery, improved circulation and mobility, boosted athletic performance, deep-tissue therapy, myofascial release, reduced stress and tension and more! Beyond clinical use, the BuffEnuff® Power Massager can be used for daily self-care, for partner massages and recovery benefits. You'll love the way it feels and how it helps you BE Fit, BE Flexible, and BE Ready to live life to the fullest. Live your best life with BuffEnuff! If you haven't experienced the healing power of percussive massage, you don't know what you're missing!

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