Competitive Volleyball, Knee Replacement and Recovery

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Here is one of our favorite stories:

I was a percussive massager brand ambassador at a marathon in Washington when I met Michael H., a competitive olympic beach volleyball player. As I demonstrated the awesome healing power of the massager on Michael he shared with me his frustration that so many pro volleyball players are facing: total knee replacement surgery and the end of competition as they know it. Players would often have a successful knee replacement and rehabilitation only to end up with chronic plantar fasciaitis and calf cramping, limiting their physical explosion.

Using the body buffer for only a few seconds on his tightest areas, Michael instantly recognized that percussive therapeutic feeling as something he had never felt before and he bought the unit to take home and use daily on his shins, calves, knees, ankle and feet. About 6 months later Michael contacted me to ask if we had created a cordless version because he wanted to take it to the beach and gym for the rest of the guys to try. He also informed me that his post-surgery plantar fasciaitis and cramping had disappeared completely AND that he was on the path to becoming the first person in history to return to competitive volleyball after a total knee. He had been treating himself twice per day with the massager since he bought it and the daily therapy was healing him beyond a level of health anyone had ever seen!

HOW DID IT WORK FOR MICHAEL? Of course MIchael was under the watchful care of specialists, but to their surprise, he claimed it was the daily body buffing that pushed him toward total recovery. Frequent percussive massage treatments will break down scar tissues and relax constricted vessels, increasing circulation. Michael used the massager multiple times per day in short bursts, highly increasing blood flow to and tissue elasticity. With restored comfort, he was able to work on his strength more vigorously than most.

If you or someone you know are in need of joint rehabilitation or muscle recovery, a low cost percussive massager should be the first on your list of priorities!