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Percussion Deep Tissue Massage Device / 
BuffEnuff® Power Massager
featuring 3300 RPM's of
Advanced Vibrational Healing

The BuffEnuff ® is a cordless powerful professional-grade deep tissue percussion massage device that helps ease pain and relax sore & stiff muscles to improve mobility, recovery & performance.

BuffEnuff Power Massager

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BuffEnuff Power Massager

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BE Fit. BE Flexible. BE Ready.®
BE the Very Best Version of You!

Power Your Performance. Power Your Pain Relief. Power Your Recovery.

  • Increase Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Increase Flexibility & Mobility
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Your Anytime, Anywhere Massager
  • Cordless, Multi-Grip Handle for Easy Use
  • 3300 RPMs of Powerful Pain Relief & Muscle Recovery
  • Rapid Release & Recovery
  • Great for Self-Care, Partner Massage & Clinical Use
  • Transparent Every Day Low Pricing - No Gimmicks
  • 1 Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Developed by a top Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and CrossFit Pro, BuffEnuff® places Clinical-Grade Percussive Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage in the palm of your hands, providing powerful pain relief, muscle recovery & advanced vibrational healing.

Cordless Percussive Massage Therapy, Powerful Healing.

Percussion Fitness is the first company to introduce a cordless percussive massager with a flat oscillating surface for expanded healing that delivers powerful pain relief, muscle recovery, myofascial release & relaxation, anytime, anywhere! 

BuffEnuff® Increases Circulation & Blood Flow

Thermal imaging study demonstrates how BuffEnuff® delivers healing blood flow and circulation to the tissue, helping improve fitness, and boosting recovery & athletic performance.

People using BuffEnuff® often report feeling a soothing, warming sensation under the oscillating pad, known as "warming the tissue" when the treatment application is held steady in one body area. Frictional movement and increased circulation between the massage head and the surface of the body generated by the 3300 RPMs of powerful advanced vibrational healing action of the BuffEnuff® percussive massager causes this warming sensation.

BuffEnuff Thermal Imaging Lumbar Spine Region


Delivering deep penetrating advanced vibrational healing with an expanded surface area, BuffEnuff® is the only cordless percussion deep tissue massager on the market that offers painless trigger point therapy and myofascial release while also boosting muscle recover, treating pain and tension, and increasing circulation and mobility with a deeply relaxing and soothing massage treatment. Unlike foam rollers and traditional percussive massagers with painful knobs, treating tight trigger points and tense muscles with BuffEnuff feels AMAZING!

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With the cordless BuffEnuff® Percussion Massager, the power to treat muscle soreness, inflammation, injuries, and chronic pain is in your hands, allowing you to treat every day aches and pains and recover at your own pace. Do you want to empower your own recovery? BuffEnuff® is the perfect sports recovery and rehabilitation tool!

  • BuffEnuff features targeted healing techniques to treat tight trigger points, pain points, sore muscles, and injuries.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY against defects.
  • BuffEnuff® offers all types of massages & is great for self care, partner massage, & clinical use.
  • The fastest growing percussive massage and healing device used by top Chiropractors, Licensed Massage Therapists, Fitness Pros, Athletes & Clinical Practitioners, BuffEnuff® soothes sore muscles, treats scar tissue, eases chronic pain, & boosts athletic performance.
  • THE REVIEWS ARE IN ELITE CROSSFIT ATHLETE BROOKE ENCE LOVES BUFFENUFF®! Top CrossFit athlete, dancer, and actress from the hit movie, Wonder Woman, Brooke Ence views recovery as a critical piece in her success. Instantly falling in love with the high-powered deep percussive waves of healing and recovery the BuffEnuff® Power Massager provides, Brooke uses it regularly to boost her muscle recovery & performance.

CrossFit Pro Brooke Ence Loves BuffEnuff Power Massager!

Why Choose
BuffEnuff® Power Massager?

Convenience. BuffEnuff® places professional-grade cordless deep tissue massage and powerful healing in the palm of your hands; use it at the office, at the gym, or in your living room. Take it with you when you travel or keep it handy at home when you need a quick pick-me-up massage or pain treatment.

Take control of your healing & recovery. BuffEnuff® allows you to customize the pressure and angle of use to your comfort. Choose the flat, edge, or tilt angle to target inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness. Use BuffEnuff® for pre-workout warm up and post-workout recovery to aid in recovery.

Increase Mobility & Flexibility. BuffEnuff® increases mobility and flexibility while warming muscles and easing chronic pain, sore muscles, and tension.

Better Performance. For the cost of about 2 deep tissue massage treatments, you'll be able to relieve tense, sore muscles and chronic pain and boost your recovery with powerful, therapeutic, healing daily massage therapy.

Invest in Your Health. For less than half the price of 2 deep tissue massages, you'll enjoy professional-grade deep vibrational healing whenever and wherever you need it.

Simple Acts Change the World. Percussion Fitness is a brand on a mission to bring healing modalities to third world countries. Your BuffEnuff purchase helps fuel the effort!

BE Fit. BE Flexible. BE Ready. With BuffEnuff, you'll be able to boost your fitness & boost your flexibility, equipping and empowering you to be ready to live life to the fullest. Simply put, to BE You at your very best!

What You Need To Know
about BuffEnuff® Percussive Massager

You will not find a higher-quality cordless deep tissue massager that feels this good at a price this low. With a BuffEnuff® Percussion Massager, you have the opportunity to experience the best massage, workouts, and recovery of your life! Regular use of your BuffEnuff® helps prevent injuries, eases pain and soreness, aids in rehabilitation, and helps speed up muscle recovery.

 ORDER BuffEnuff Standard Package NOW $209.95 
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What sets BuffEnuff® apart from the rest is not just the everyday affordable price. Because BuffEnuff® is cordless and features an easy-grip handle, you can easily massage hard-to-reach areas on your upper back and shoulder blades as well as pretty much all areas of your body. BuffEnuff® also offers tutorials and proprietary healing techniques for getting the most out of your BuffEnuff® Massager. Anyone who is enjoys an active lifestyle & fitness — be it running, weight-training, yoga, kickboxing, or sports — knows what it is like to experience muscle soreness. Sometimes it is slight aches & pains and tightness; other times it is debilitating pain which prevents you from doing the things you love and living life to the fullest.

What’s included:

BuffEnuff® Power Massager: Standard Package Includes, 1-Battery, 1-Charger, 2-Plush Crowns +Convenient Carry Bag


BuffEnuff Global Healing

We're commited to changing the world with our business. If you care about giving back to the community in the same way we do - then please support us with your loyalty and be part of the positive change to bring healing therapies to the underserved around the world. You can be confident that your purchase will give you a quality therapeutic percussive massager for active muscle recovery and pain relief and help to make a genuine social difference in sharing the healing with others.



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Join the BuffEnuff Movement! Power Your Fitness Routine with daily percussive massage healing and BE Fit, BE Flexible, BE Ready to live life to the fullest!

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